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It is with a deep sense of melancholy that we announce our very dear friend, Mr. Ben Bradley is parting ways with Folkinception. Ben has been juggling three bands and a day job for... pretty much his whole life. He's opted to simplify his commitments and gracefully bow out of Folkinception. Luckily, the departure isn't too depressing, as we'll still be drinking whiskey and smoking cigars with our lovable Bear on a regular basis. He's also agreed to be our backup drummer if we're ever in need, so the possibility of seeing Ben play with Folkinception down the road isn't entirely out of the question! We love you Ben Bradley! #dontpokethebear

BEN'S LAST SHOW IS SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 17TH. A very exciting event is in the works at a very exciting venue. Stay tuned!

You can also catch a dose of Ben Bradley and Folkinception this Wednesday at the Sarnac Rooftop KYRS benefit show!

On a related note: we are excited to announce that the very talented Chase Williams will be joining us for a couple exciting out of town dates this fall/winter. Chase is impressively talented and we're excited to further develop the Folkinception sound with a new perspective on drums! Welcome aboard Chase!

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